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At the hospital waiting to begin the 3 hour glucose test. Freaking…

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At the hospital waiting to begin the 3 hour glucose test. Freaking insurance money maker. The chairs are hard and there is no television. And I am hungry. What a horribly mean thing to do to a pregnant woman. I told Lexie that she had to get up early this am because mommy had to go to the dr for Emily. She asked if I had to get shots and I told her I had to get four and so she told Derrick I had to get four shots in my armpits. I imagine that would be quite painful. Silly monkey. She also woke up talking up a storm. I think she was dreaming. She told
Me that Emily was coming for Christmas in a pink car and that She would drive Emily to April (the sitter)'s house. I also think she might be forming an imaginary friend. She keeps talking about a Zoey but we don't know any Zoey's and she doesn't watch enough Sesame Street to pick it up from that. I don't know.

Why do they make your appointment times at the aaa crack of dawn only to make you wait forever? Take the damn blood so I can get this show on the road people. I can't ford to be here all damn day. It's cold. I am glad I wore a jacket.

I should have eaten late last night. Not eating for 15 hours is likely to have me kill someone. Good thing we are in a hospital.

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