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My day has already started when I realize it is a DITL

Breakfast for my littles

Butt changes

She is now a happy munchkin

Get them settled so I can have my own breakfast

Delicious homemade cinnamon rolls and coffee as I pick some new recipes to try

Feed The animals and so some cleaning

Art time. Her Great Uncle is sick so she made him a picture

Lunch time for everyone.

After lunch the girls hang out with daddy and watch some 'Daniel Tiger' with daddy before nap time

I shower and change from monster mommy to fairly presentable mommy

It's time to take the new baby into work to show her off. Daddy is home so he can stay with Princess Peach while we go. Make her presentable

We spend a few hours visiting. The nature of my work doesn't allow photos. We come
Home and Baby minion goes down for her nap while I play with Princess Peach

She doesn't want me to leave her bedroom so she barricades the door

I make dinner and grandma and grandpa come over. Then it's bath time

I put Princess Peach to bed and come out and find Daddy playing with Baby Minion

I get my own play time in

And then it time for bed

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On January 26th, 2014 01:33 am (UTC), jlthomas3 commented:

I love Emily ' s hair

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